Правила посещения

Visiting policy

Dear spectators!

We wish you to have good time and kindly request you adhere to following rules:

  1. Please keep your tickets till the end of an event and keep your subscription tickets till the end of a series of events.
  1. The Philharmonia has a cloak-room. The Philharmonia is not responsible for valuables left in checked clothes. Loss of a cloak-room ticket is subject to a penalty.
  2. The Philharmonia's doors are open one hour before the event. The concert hall's doors are open 15 minutes before the event.
  3. You can be seated in the concert hall after the 3rd ring only at the invitation of a checker (during applause after the end of a performance or during an interlude).
  4. Food and beverages in the concert hall are not allowed. Intoxicated people, people in outdoor or dirty clothes, people with backpacks or large-sized bags, as well as people, who in the judgement of the Philharmonia's administration endanger public security, are not allowed to the event.
  5. Photo and video filming of the event is prohibited without specific permission of the Philharmonia's administration.
  6. After the 3rd ring all mobile communications tools shall be shut off or switched to silent mode.
  7. During the performance spectators are asked to keep seat and silent.
  8. The administration is entitled to expel spectators disturbing public order from the hall. In this case money for a ticket is not refunded.
  9. The administration reserves the right to replace performers, make changes in programs, and reserve concerts. Please track the information!


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