Лига друзей

League of friends

The League of the Philharmonia's Friends is a voluntary association of listeners of the G.Tuqay Tatar State Philharmonia.

The League's objectives:

  • Distribution of information about Philharmonia's activity and projects among audience;
  • Assistance to awareness and educational activity of the Philharmonia.
  • Developing a listeners base;
  • Distribution of listeners by target audiences;
  • Development of information sharing methods concerning the Philharmonia's events;
  • Attraction of wide audience to concerts.
  • Acquisition of current information about the Philharmonia's events and changes in its repertoire;
  • Special purchase of subscription and tickets (upon presentation of a fidelity card);
  • Meeting with artists, participation in master classes and autograph signing sessions of performers;
  • Opportunity to make personal philharmonic subscription.

The League's tasks:

Members of the League of the Philharmonia's Friends.

Any visitor of the Philharmonia can become the League member

To become the League member you shall: fill the application form (on the web-site, in the Philharmonia's booking office, or at one of concerts).

Benefits of members of the League of the Philharmonia's Friends:

Special purchase of tickets for members of the League of the Philharmonia's Friends.


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