The State Folk Orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan

Artistic Director and chief conductor - people's artist of Russia, laureate of State prize of Tatarstan named after G. Tukai, Professor Anatoly Shutikov

The State Folk Orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan

The State Folk Orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan, a new Philharmonia's group, started its concert activities in 1993. It was headed by professor Anatoly Shutikov, the People's Artist of Russia, the laureate of the Tuqay State Prize of the Republic of Tatarstan. Celebrated maestros of the Republic, such as Ilgam Shakirov, Zilya Sungatullina, Venera Ganeeve, Yury Borisenko, Galina Lastovka, Georgy Ibushev, Rustam Malikov, Aidar Fayzrakhmanov and others - work side by side with the orchestra. The Honoured Artist of Tatarstan and the laureate of international contests Rezeda Galimova performs as a solo performer of the orchestra over a number of years. Among famous performers working with the State Folk Orchestra we can list: Z. Sotkilava, A. Solovianenko, A. Dnishev, A. Eizen, L. Smetannikov, L. Ryumina, A. Strelchenko, S. Zakharov, R. Ibragimov, A. Tsygankov, V. Kovtun, N. Krygina, O. Kulko, Yu. Sidorov, D. Dmitrienko, V. Bogachev, T. Mazurenko, V. Myasoyedov, S. Lukin, V. Ovsyannikov, A. Litvinenko, V. Pianov, N. Kopylov, Noh tai Choung, Chang Uun Joo, Ki Young Yang (South Korea), Kayoko Amano (Japan), D. Shtoda, E. Tsvetkova, E. Molodtsova, E. Obraztsova, L. Abramova, A. Shaimuratova, A. Karataeva, I. Mataeva, vocal ensemble "Voronezhskie Devchata" (artistic director: the People's Artist of the Russian Federation Yury Romanov), A. Zubitsky. The orchestra's performing style shows high sound structure which displays itself in stability of instrumental groups, expressiveness of phonation, and technical elegance. Vast amplitude of musical colours and forms, vivid emotionality and temperament, artistry in concepts' implementation and virtuoso splendour - all these can be found in the Folk Orchestra's performances. The range of music played by the Folk Orchestra of Tatarstan is extremely wide: Russian and foreign musical classics, popular works of the greatest composers of XX century including composers of Tatarstan. And, of course, original mastering of national melodies of different nationalities so vividly played by the orchestra are inalterably popular with listeners. After years on the scene, The State Folk Orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan represented hundreds of creatively different concert programs, as well as subscription concerts for children, which are already traditional in the Republic of Tatarstan, prepared by production director and the Honoured Art Worker of the Russian Federation Nina Koroyeva. Liliya Apakova, the Honoured Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan, lecturer and music expert, is the presenter of the orchestra's concerts. The audience is eagerly awaiting new orchestra's programs. The Folk Orchestra's New Year performances for children eagerly awaited both by children and their parents are also presented with a great success. Performances are bright and fascinating. The Folk Orchestra under auspices of Anatoly Shutikov has won recognition not only in Tatarstan and Russia (many solo performers working in the orchestra acknowledge it to be the best one among similar Russian orchestras), but it has also asserted itself in Austria, Holland, and Germany. The orchestra is invited to the folk orchestras’ festival in Italy. The orchestra had successful concert in cities of South Korea; its participation in the Russia-Korea International Festival has brought international acknowledgement - it has won the Grand Prix of the Festival. The orchestra is a participant of a new Philharmonia's project, namely Philharmoniada International Festival. Following solo performers who have already caught the fancy of the audience performed on one stage with the orchestra: A. Zubitsky, V. Myasoyedov, S. Lukin, A. Litvinenko, E. Molodtsova, D. Shtoda, E. Tsvetkova, and S. Romanov.

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