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About Philharmonic

The Gabdulla Tuqay Tatar State Philharmonia, one of the largest concert organizations of the city of Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan, was founded in August 21, 1937.
Establishment of the Philharmonia inaugurated a new era in national musical culture development. And since that moment the process of dedicated development of Tatar singers' and musicians' performing culture has begun.
In the course of 1937 to 1941 following teams were established:
- the Symphony Orchestra under auspices of M.E. Shepper (soon he was replaced by I.V. Aukhadeev), later it was renamed into the Tatar State Symphony Orchestra;
- the Tatar Folk Orchestra (dissolved in 1941);
- the Tatar Folklore Cabinet first headed by S. Sh. Tagirov, and later by A.S. Klyucharev;
- the State Choir Chapel under auspices of I.V. Grekulov (Z.S. Akhmetova who headed the ensemble during 22 years was appointed an artistic director and a choirmaster) which was rearranged into the Song-and-Dance Ensemble of the Tatar ASSR;
- the Variety and Concert Department under auspices of A.V. Kazansky.
During the Great Patriotic War a lot of Philharmonia's performing artists had been called up for military service in army field forces, and the remaining team put on 1700 patronage concerts in hospitals and military units within the territory of the republic, 60 artists had been performing on different fighting lines with 17 front line teams.
Immediately after the war the Philharmonia with two new teams (pianistic trio consisting of V.Apresov, A.Brown, and N. Braude and string quartet under auspices of Pechnikov) launched grand touring activities: for the first time ever Tatar artists perform in prestigious concert halls of Moscow and Russia, the Song-and-Dance Ensemble make a triumphal tour to the Central Asia and Kazakhstan.
In 1946 the Tatar State Philharmonia was named after Gabdulla Tuqay for the major contribution to the development of national musical culture and in view of the 60th anniversary of the great Tatar poet's birth.
Following artistic directors of the Philharmonia made a weighty contribution to formation of national performing art and outreach of classical and folk music: J.G. Sadrizhiganov, A.S. Klyucharev, J. Faizi, R.K. Volkov, A.Z. Monasypov, M. N. Nigmetzyanov, I.G. Mazitov, whose names are inscribed in the history of the Philharmonia. From 1992 to 2011 Ilgam Shakirov, the People's Artist of Tatarstan and Russia, laureate of the Gabdulla Tuqay State Prize, was the artistic director of the Philharmonia. Nowadays Aidar Fayzrakhmanov, the Honoured Artist of Russia, the People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan, is the artistic director of the Philharmonia.
Following groups work in the Philharmonia today:
- The State Russian Folk Orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan (artistic director and principal conductor: professor A.I. Shutikov, the People's Artist of Russia, the laureate of the Gabdulla Tuqay State Prize Prize);
- The Philharmonic Musical and Literature Lyceum (artistic director: professor L.A. Akhmetova, the Honoured Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan)
- the State Folklore Music Ensemble of the Republic of Tatarstan (artistic director: A.F. Fayzrakhmanov, the Honoured Artist of Russia, the People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan);
- The Philharmonic Jazz Orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan (conductor: professor Anatoly Vasilevsky, the Honoured Art Worker of Tatarstan).
From 2000 the Philharmonia has own high-technologically reconstructed Concert Hall with a capacity of 600 spectators which is fitted with the newest lighting and sound equipment.
Tatar State Philharmonia conducts huge public awareness campaign familiarizing spectators with musical art of Tatarstan: from 1989 the Philharmonia is one of organisers of Tatar Zhyry International Contest, from 2003 - of Ilgam Shakirov International Contest for Tatar Song Performers, from 2006 - of Natan Rakhlin International Music Festival, participant of concerts with V.Kovtun in the Moscow Kremlin Palace, form 2008 - an organizer of Philharmoniada International Musical Art Festival.
During one season Philharmonia's groups perform their oeuvres for an audience exceeding 500 thousand spectators (both adults and children) and put on over 800 concerts including international tours. The Philharmonia invites to its concert a lot of famous conductors, solo performers, musicians from other republics and countries.
For over 75 years now Tatar State Philharmonia defines musical identity of the Republic of Tatarstan. Along with organization of various concerts, the Philharmonia takes an active part in all governmental cultural events of the republic: World Tatar Congress, Sabantuys around Tatarstan, Russia, and abroad, and anniversary celebrations of eminent persons of Tatarstan.
From one year to the next the Philharmonia renews its repertoire, works on invention of new interesting programs.

The Philharmonia's Mission

The main Philharmonia's mission is devotion to the art of music, and the mission is based on popularization of national and foreign classical music and preservation and development of cultural traditions of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Russian Federation.

To preserve and further augmentation of the cultural heritage we establish following goals and objectives:

• assistance to expansion of cultural and musical development;

• awareness campaign targeting the younger generation;

• active development of concert activity in the sphere of classical music;

• introduction of the audience to the best examples of classical and folk art, popularization of instrumental, academical, folklore, and jazz music;

• providing condition for cultural family entertainment;

• meeting cultural requirements of the most different population groups;

• carrying out charity concert programs;

• expansion of cultural ties among nations and countries.

We will endeavour to make great spiritual wealth of people - art of music and literary heritage - available for comers and goers. 

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